Pyranees refugee


George LaSealva

At 5am Jack and I dusted off the cobwebs and started to shake a leg. We had to mobilize and catch two trains, then hike for five hours before we lost daylight….

scenes from a lesbian life

Wendy Caster

Kindergarten, 1961. She’s blonde and pretty and she’s twirling around in a blue dress. I can’t take my eyes off of her.

Party people

Emma Caster-Dudzick

Jenny got into the shower and stood for a bit getting warm. She scrubbed and shaved and lathered, all with much care and time. She looked down at her hips and pushed them side to side, danced a little, finished her hair, stood in the heat some more…



Steve is to slide trumpet playing what King Arthur was to sword pulling and what Thomas Blackthorne was to sword swallowing.


Twisted and vulnerable self-portraits where much is shown, but more is hidden.

Barbara schaeffer

“I’ve masturbated to your work”