Who should I blame for this?

Five humans (for no single monkey could make a magazine) based out of Brooklyn, NY, used some spare time to create a pretty sweet magazine. Their fame exists at some nebulous point in future time.

max cea

Max Cea is a writer—mostly. He’s written cultural criticism, reported features, essays and has conducted Q&A’s for outlets that include BillboardGrantlandGQMicThe New York TimesNymag.comSalon and SPIN. But he has also worked in film (as a PA on the late Jonathan Demme’s “The Power of Rock”) and co-runs and edits an arts/adventure/absurdity magazine (The Pink Monkey), which he co-created. Basically, he can do it all. Just not elementary-level science or cartography or most things of actual consequence. For what it's worth, he has a B.A. in American Studies from the College of William Mary. 


sam schieren

Currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at UC Davis.


Emma caster-dudzick

I'm Emma. I'm an artist and a writer. I draw all the time and what I draw is always changing. I approach a new drawing with nothing in mind, and let what excites me take the lead. What excites me? Color, humor, and people on the move. I also love to draw my friends.



Charles Caster-Dudzick does a lot. (Primarily in the visual arts, pursuing a hybrid of Fine Art, Animation/Compositing, experimental filmmaking and performance. He also designs for print, as well as for film titles. He did music arranging one time. He is also a painter, and a sculptor? He went to Brooklyn College)



Emily helps four artists pause daydreaming just long enough to produce a fantastic product. Like all Californians-turned-Brooklynites, Emily is drawn to tattoos, thrifted (sustainable!) fashion, and scrumptious food. When not acting as Pink Monkey HBIC, Emily operationalizes Medicaid policy, attends local drag shows, and tinkers away at her feminist memoir.