Who should I blame for this?

Four humans (for no monkey could make a magazine) from Nyack, NY, based out of Brooklyn, NY, who used some spare time to create a pretty sweet magazine. Their fame exists at some nebulous point in future time.

max cea

Max Cea is a writer—mostly. He’s written cultural criticism, reported features, essays and has conducted Q&A’s for outlets that include BillboardGrantlandGQMicThe New York TimesNymag.comSalon and SPIN. But he has also worked in film (as a PA on the late Jonathan Demme’s “The Power of Rock”) and co-runs and edits an arts/adventure/absurdity magazine (The Pink Monkey), which he co-created. Basically, he can do it all. Just not elementary-level science or cartography or most things of actual consequence. For what it's worth, he has a B.A. in American Studies from the College of William Mary. 


sam schieren

Currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing at UC Davis.


Emma caster-dudzick

I'm Emma. I'm an artist and a writer. I draw all the time and what I draw is always changing. I approach a new drawing with nothing in mind, and let what excites me take the lead. What excites me? Color, humor, and people on the move. I also love to draw my friends.



Charles Caster-Dudzick does a lot.

Including, but not limited to: painting, screenwriting, video editing, animating, crafting, acting, and film shooting.