The pink monkey

an arts and adventure zine

for primates with great humor and poor taste

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current issue: MONSTERS

Dare enter this fanged and furry issue and you’ll paw at an exploration of the death penalty, uninvited party guests, and a conversation between two monsters on the New York comedy scene.

Past Issues

Issue #3: SEXOTICA

Spread open the luscious pages of issue 3, and feel around for an interview with Sexotica horn blower Steven Bernstein, drippy, oozy fruit porn by Barbara Schaeffer, and lots of... parts.  

Issue #2: THE BIG ONE

Our biggest issue yet. Hugely entertaining. A gargantuan good time. You can’t miss Sean Norvett’s grand grotesque paintings. Plus, a big ol’ interview on brains.


Where it all began. Peel open this ripe piece of... paper and read our origin myth. With features like an interview with the late, great director Jonathon Demme and a tale of wild bullfighting, you’ll love every bite.